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Roxi Sound Gets Her Pop Crown with ‘There’s No Fire’

In an ever-evolving musical landscape, not many artists stand out as unique and inspiring creative outfits. One of those musical heroes can certainly be found in Roxi Sound, multi-talented artist hailing from Brighton, UK. While we had a preview of her songwriting prowess and flamboyant character in past collaborations, it is only now that we can admire the British talent’s musical magnitude. ‘There’s No Fire’ is the project’s latest single, a catchy and hypnotising slice of synth-pop, opening the doors for a crucial and productive year in Roxi Sound’s career. 

There’s not a lot of experimentation in it, but we’d argue that is the record’s main strength: ‘There’s No Fire’ searches for a royally authentic mainstream sound, and it finds it, delivering it with sapient savoir-faire. Drawing all of the attention, Roxi Sound’s vocals are superb, communicating dynamism and nostalgia while driving the song forward. 

Of course, Roxi’s vocal gift wasn’t a surprise. Having been featured in the Gucci Spring in the House campaign, the Brighton creative had plenty of time to convince the industry she was worth a listen. We can confirm she is – wait, she deserves way more, and we are confident ‘There’s No Fire’ will get that done. 

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