C-Beem Unveils Latest Effort ‘Starships’

Feeling nostalgic about flamboyant and electrifying 70s rock’n’roll? Look no further than C-Beem, sonic explorer with a knack for retro tones and synthesisers. Emerging from Leicester, the British talent champions an eclectic brand of retro pop, drawing influences from the likes of ELO and Boston, among others. ‘Starships’ is the project’s latest effort, an anthemic and glorious opera channelling a strong grandeur character and a certain epicness, especially in its convoluted songwriting. 

Yep, C-Beem is not only a proficient producer but also a singer, one of those old-school vocals that work perfectly in the context. In fact, we find a rather intense cinematic flair in the British musician’s tone, as if he’s referencing large arenas and wild festivals. Having already received radio and podcast attention from the likes of ‘Trust The Doc’ Exile FM, Casimir Engine, Burning Girl Radio, Divine Radio London, Spectrum FM and Radio Northwich, ‘Starships’ seems to have hit the mark, delivering a piece that will go a long way into advancing C-Beem artistic career. 

To note, you won’t find the record on streaming services: the project’s ethos prefers to focus on Bandcamp instead, with a music video published on Youtube. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Starships’ on Bandcamp and Youtube:


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