Hannah Dorman Unveils Latest Pop Banger ‘Wild’

If there’s one thing Hannah Dorman is clearly good at, it is energetic and catchy pop bangers. Boasting relatable songwriting and a dynamic vocal tone, the Surrey talent has been releasing a plethora of gems and EPs in the last couple of years, making herself noticed in the mainstream scene. 

‘Wild’ is the continuation of that journey, and Dorman’s first release in 2023. A groovy, euphoric and empowering jewel, the track feels punchy and extremely modern, with Hannah’s luscious vocals birthing a glorious and memorable chorus. Co-written with Irish singer-songwriter Ivon Roberts and produced by Sam Ray, ‘Wild’ is a cheeky, straightforward pop song that celebrates the sweetness of love while asking for just a bit more spice in the recipe. 

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