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Rose White Unveils Fierce Anthem ‘Tears of Regret’

Unveiling her latest foray into fierce and soulful territories, Rose White shares ‘Tears of Regret’, a record that showcases the London songstress’ naughtier side and her healing-driven lyricism. Echoing a chaotic era in the singer’s life, following a nasty breakup, ‘Tears of Regret’ layers honest songwriting with elegant instrumental stylings, built on funk and neo-soul influences. 

An incredibly compelling formula; add White’s vocals to it, and you’ve got yourself a banger. ‘Tears of Regret’ is exactly that – a vibrant, sensual exploration of Rose’s personal history, seen through the healed lens of the present. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, White explains: “This story is my ‘bad bitch anthem’ to all the people out there going through a nasty breakup. After we call it quits with someone, we tend to enter a phase of life when we go out a lot, binge drink for days and boost our egos with random hookups. We’re escaping into a world of substances and shallow validation from strangers”.

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