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Alessia De Gasperis Shares Evocative Anthem ‘Evil Eye’

Introduced by obscure drones and cinematic hits, ‘Evil Eye’ soon unveils its true colours, jumping with both feet in alt-pop euphoria, doing so with a certain guitar-powered flair. Blending sleazy, cool indie stylings with a relatable pop structure, the track is ultimately its own entity. Refraining from borrowing from current trends of proven formula, ‘Evil Eye’ provides the perfect setting for Alessia De Gasperis’ evocative, soulful vocals. 

Surprisingly, the Toronto-based songstress boasts impressively malleable vocals, showcasing an almost R&B quality to them. Able to indulge in intricate ad-libs and joyful melodies, De Gasperis create an alluring personal universe, one we are aching to be part of. ‘Evil Eye’ is our entry point, a fantastic offering that’s blissful as it is evocative. 

Now here’s a fun fact; you have in all likelihood already heard Alessia’s vocals… on a Flume record. Having achieved the highest peaks of the industry through her previous pseudonym ‘Kai’, De Gasperis now takes a more personal, honest approach to her songwriting; one that we are confident will pay off. 

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