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Paul Thompson Releases Enchanting New Album ‘Baby Hedgehog’

Inspired by nature and determined to address the climate crisis, Norfolk-based singer/songwriter Paul Thompson releases his sixth album sweetly titled ‘Baby Hedgehog’. Recorded in his studio, a small log cabin that overlooks fields and woods, Paul wrote the title track after nursing a baby hedgehog he found back to health, an experience that deeply touched the musician. Pledging to donate 10% of all album sales to a local sanctuary that rescues injured or sick hedgehogs, Thompson is an artist who truly puts his money where his mouth is.

‘Travelling Light’ gets the ball rolling with an acoustic guitar and Paul’s soothing, mellifluous vocals. A delicate cello and subtle keys are then introduced, all culminating in a musical experience that feels like a comforting embrace from Mother Nature. 

‘Now the Sun is Up’ follows ‘Travelling Light’ and, once again, the emotive and melodic tune evokes a sense of serenity and optimism, almost as if watching the sunrise on a peaceful morning.

Other personal favourites from the record include ‘Child in Me’, ‘Honeydew’, and the epic closer ‘Spirit Guide’. In truth, however, each song offers its own unique blend of introspection and beauty, making ‘Baby Hedgehog’ an enchanting album from start to finish.

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Baby Hedgehog’ on Spotify now:


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