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Rose Spearman Explores Her Roots in ‘Who We Be’

It is not often that we come across such a multi-sided and interesting artist as Rose Spearman. Her artistry flows directly from the experiences and circumstances that have been shaping her life since birth. Not only she’s the daughter of proficient American jazz saxophonist Glenn Spearman, but she’s also the granddaughter of one of the first African-American opera singers in NY (thanks to a secret affair with her Jewish grandmother). 

While her family history is certainly notable and very peculiar, what’s remarkable is the way it shaped who Spearman is today. Growing up in The Netherlands (her father had a residency in Europe), she always felt divided between two ‘motherlands’, always looking for her true identity and roots. It is this constant tension that greatly informs Rose’s musical output. 

‘Who We Be’ is Spearman’s latest project, a nostalgic and eclectic piece combining groovy choruses with more pensive verses (again, strong dualism). Describing the inspiration behind the track, the Dutch talent explains: “The song is about finding space for myself and being mixed caught between white and black roots and between the USA and Europe”.

The record is framed into a charming soul-pop arrangement, showcasing Spearman’s ability to jump from genre to genre. In essence, music is her blank canvas, ready to be painted with different tones and intensities, all adapting to a particular mood. 

Overall, a great offering from a special, talented artist. Even with her decades-long experience in the industry, she always finds a way to keep her material fresh and innovative.  

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