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Laura Lizcano Shares Heartfelt and Meaningful Album ‘Daughter of the Sea’

We have always appreciated eclecticism. The ability not to be confined in a fictional box is something to be proud of. In music, eclecticism is often overlooked, in exchange for uniformity: applying a certain formula that’s been known to succeed. We would rather hear artists exploring their own sonic horizons, in search of their true artistry and identity. After all, that’s how innovation comes about. That’s why, when we came across Laura Lizcano – NY’s Jazz sensation – we instantly connected to the way she writes music, especially in her latest project ‘Daughter of the Sea’. 

Her first full-length release since 2020, the record is a long, introspective journey into Lizcano’s own personality, informed by her experiences as a Colombian immigrant and the challenges of our modern, complex society. All her lyrical and bilingual prowess is framed into a multi-genre, ever-changing aural landscape, bordering acoustic Folk, Pop and more advanced Jazz rhythms, not to forget luscious Latin influences. 

And so, ready for a unique listening experience, we dive into ‘Daughter of the Sea’. We are let in by ‘Caos’, an intimate, flamenco-flavoured acoustic gem, entirely in Spanish while echoing themes of feminine resurgence. Ahead, ‘Fire’ takes the record back to Lizcano’s Jazz roots, reminding us of the sheer power of her malleable yet controlled vocals. ‘Nada que perder’ is one of the highlights of the record, doubling down on Latin influences. 

Overall, a mesmerising record that will be best enjoyed during a proper auditory session, perhaps while tasting some wine. Not a record for everyone, the keen listener will find rewards and solace in a sublime listening experience. 

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