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Ronnie White Returns with Kaleidoscopic Electronic Gem ‘Lies & Desire’

Proud of her genre-less approach to music – shying away from pre-determined sonic boxes – pop newcomer Ronnie White champions an eclectic and authentic outlook on her artistry, allowing her to share material that feels fresh and euphoric while full of punch and character. Defining herself as “Queen of What genre is this?“, White proudly shares her latest effort, ‘Lies & Desire’, an evocative, haunting and intense jewel that seems to focus on dreamy yet dark-wave settings, showcasing the prominent ambiguity that greatly describes the project. 

Active for the better part of a decade, in London, the talented creative can boast ample experience on and off stage, having been part of numerous musical outfits and solo efforts. While electronica seems to be the realm where she’s shining the most, it’s also true that she’s rocking a fantastic pop prowess, especially in her melodious and relatable songwriting. 

‘Lies & Desire’ marks Ronnie White’s return to the scenes after a long hiatus. In it, the listener is greeted by dazzling and kaleidoscopic arpeggiators, driving a fuzzy and gritty beat that seems to rejoice from a certain leftfield charge. Borrowing from retro influences, the track makes its way through Ronnie’s ethereal and celebrative vocal tone, so dynamic and adaptive. A worthy listen, give it a chance! 

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