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Lump200 Anticipates Album Release with Hypnotising Gem ‘Cex’

We have been getting quite familiar with German sonic visionary Lump200 recently, having championed his past two releases in this very same publication. The last we heard of him was on the occasion of ‘I Am The Elephant In The Room’, a vocally charged, tribal-flavoured boundless jewel. Now, the Berlin creative shares yet another single, the hypnotising slice of forward-thinking electronica ‘Cex’. The record also marks the last track to drop in anticipation of Lump200’s upcoming album ‘Isles Of You’, expected on May 12th. 

In ‘Cex’, the sonic references are on brand with Lump200’s style, projecting all his decades-long musical experience into celebratory, ethereal and transformative material, experimental as it gets. Of course, there’s always a certain groove to it, as if the project focuses on building hypnotising dancing trips, perhaps offering a helping hand to every keen leftfield listener out there. 

Blending wavey and dazzling synthesisers, ‘Cex’ also features glitchy elements and sapient sampling, showcasing the production prowess the German wizard seems to enjoy. Driving the project towards an immersive fan experience, Lump200 is also unveiling a social-audio web-app, islesofyoua collaborative tool for music creation. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Cex’ on Spotify, and look out for ‘Isles Of You’, dropping on May 12th. 


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