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Jess Stewart Reflects on Early Adulthood in ‘Twenties’

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the everyday experience becomes just a little more serious. Now jumping into early adulthood, Jess Stewart seeks to manifest the challenges and doubts that come with it, something that listeners will be able to relate to. She does so through a modern and introspective electronic production, balanced on dark and minimal tones, before exploding into synth-powered euphoria in the glorious and memorable chorus. ‘Twenties’ is exactly that: a stunning, fresh and relatable gem that works wonders in affirming Stewart’s prominent profile as a pop newcomer. 

Debuting last year with ‘Rewrite Memories’, the Cambridgeshire creative made quite a splash in the scene, being championed on local BBC stations and other emerging outlets. What’s more, Stewart also produces her own material, a feature that confirms her holistic approach to music: not just an outlet for lyrical expression, but also a sonic research into a uniquely authentic sound. 

The result of the aforementioned research can be appreciated in ‘Twenties’. The sparse and polite production pairs perfectly with Stewart’s dynamic and luscious vocal tone, offering what we’d call a double-edged sword: on one side, the verses explore a more obscure and leftfield character, while the chorus rejoices in bright joy and electrifying punch. 

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