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Romain Gutsy Returns With Banjo-Enhanced Masterpiece ‘If You Don’t Mind’

If mellow and witty folk vibes are your thing, you’ll love Romain Gutsy’s new release. The keen reader will remember him for a few articles we published on him in the past: his signature, charming banjo will be forever stuck in our memory, together with authentic and honest lyricism. ‘If You Don’t Mind’ is the latest musical gift by the French singer and songwriter. A collaboration with Marc Bentel, the track takes the shape of a sleazy Americana anthem, infused with folk vibes and eclectic instrumentation. Featuring guitars, banjo, light percussion and a mellow organ, ‘If You Don’t Mind’ is bound to be your latest obsession, we are confident the song will connect to a wider audience. 

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Gutsy. Boasting a long career, Romain started out in the 90s with militancy in numerous bands and ensembles, each one shaping his artistry today. After a 20 years hiatus, he returned in 2020, eager to pick up again on his musical endeavours. We are glad he did! 

‘If You Don’t Mind’ explores an alternative truth to the classic dogma ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’. “What if being free would include free from drugs, sex addiction, politics, and greed? What if being a nice fellow would be a component of rebelliousness?”

What if? To find out more, you’ll have to give the single a listen. Recommended! 

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