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Discover The Eclectic Hip-Hop Of Edgy Collective B0R0s

Some look at artistic creation as a deeply personal project; others, see it as a holistic experience, where the more contributors the better. To be truthful, there are real advantages to working with others. When collaborating, you are likely to come up with solutions you wouldn’t have reached by yourself. A team can patch each other’s weaknesses, and enhance each other strengths. For American hip-hop collective B0R0s, working together means creating eclectic, edgy and interesting music, championing a true collective aesthetic that sees them active not just with sounds, but with visuals and imagery. 

‘CLASS OF 2000: REBELLION’ is the project’s latest effort. A 5-track EP, the record highlights the peculiar style of the NYC residents, inspired by more than just rap. Defining themselves as ‘Zoomers Hip-Hop’, the group lays their charming vocals over punchy beats clearly displaying indie and pop influences. 

So what can you expect from the record? If you are into hard, groovy rapping, you’ll enjoy ‘72 PINTO’ and ‘BULLY”, perhaps the fiercest tracks of the EP. Featuring trap and boom-bap influences, the songs will fully cater to every gritty, rebellious need. Opener ‘SOLITO’ is perhaps our favourite. This is because B0R0s build a ballad on a vaporwave-flavoured instrumental, such an original feature that we are confident will connect with many listeners out there. We love the intro in ‘SUBURBAN WEED’, before it deliciously jumps into kaleidoscopic, uplifting hip-hop. 

Overall, impressive production and perfect vocals. What more could you want? 

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