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Rogue FX Shares Debut EP ‘The Fifth Step’

Definitely a concept EP, ‘The Fifth Step’ builds on the futuristic, reflective and universal themes Rogue FX has developed over the course of a few singles. Known for his retro and experimental electronic style, the British sonic explorer now unveils his debut record, a collection of cosmic and kaleidoscopic tracks featuring new material and already-released singles. 

If you feel at home among arpeggiated synthetisers, bright plucks and 80s-flavoured drum machines, then ‘The Fifth Step’ will certainly resonate with you. It did for us, as we love the many Italo disco and synthpop references sparse in the tracklist. Rogue FX’s vocals are controlled, nuanced and never overpowering the instrumental matter. 

Speaking about the lyricism behind the EP, the English musician explains: “It is 2033… Virus Outbreaks and pandemics are the new normal… The world is in lockdown and international travel is banned… With a whole social market to exploit, Mind Trip organisations are commonplace, an industry entirely unregulated that promises a mind trip or holiday that will feel real in the human memory … their tagline: ‘Think about the future, take the fifth step”

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