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Richard Green Delivers Spellbindingly Beautiful Piece with ‘A Legacy’

We at Mesmerized recently fell in love with the work of London-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Richard Green. It was his tune ‘A Lesson’ that really caught our attention to begin with, and I am now proud to introduce you to ‘A Legacy’. Taking a completely different sonic path to ‘A Lesson’, ‘A Legacy’ is a cinematic piece of classical work that sees Richard teaming up with Italian pianist Irene Veneziano and the Archimia String Quartet.

Influenced by my all-time favourite pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi, as well as Giovanni Allevi, ‘A Legacy’ showcases Green’s exceptional versatility when it comes to his art. Refusing to stay in one lane, he’s an artist who pushes himself to explore new musical territories with every composition he releases.

Recorded at Studio Elfo in Italy, the incredibly beautiful track invites listeners to go on a transcendent musical journey through sound and emotion. I’m always surprised at the impact instrumental music can have, and ‘A Legacy’ serves as the perfect example of how melodies can paint vivid images without words.

A musician of the highest order, Richard Green continues to mesmerize us with his boundless creativity, innovation, and passion.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘A Legacy’ on Spotify now:


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