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Finn Doherty Unveils Debut EP ‘if you’re bored of this city’

Proudly sharing his debut EP, Finn Doherty finally unveils a larger body of work, letting the listeners fully immerse in his kaleidoscopic, fierce and crepuscular artistry – a place that’s incredibly contemporary and vibrant, a perfect alchemy between hard-hitting, personal lyricism and hypnotising, evocative productions.

A stunning record, ‘if you’re bored of this city’ seeks to explore Doherty’s identity with honesty and fragility, as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery around bisexuality, queerness and the complexity of modern love. Equally balanced over gentle textures, poignant songwriting and more arrowing, fierce anthems, the EP proves to be a striking listening experience, both in its sonic and lyrical character. 

Speaking about the record, Finn explains: “The EP follows the experience of the city of dreams becoming the city of nightmares, a city that became the playing field for reckless behaviour and a longing for something more, a desire for excitement, and a distraction from the complexities of my own self-discovery”.

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