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Rich Chambers Releases Fun New Single ‘You’re a Nice Guy But…’

Rich Chambers explores his personal version of rock’n’roll on his new single, delivering sheer honesty in a comforting form. His signature rock sound remains untarnished throughout the track, opening with a spoken memoir to soften the mood.

Despite his heartbreaking lyrics they eventually manage to develop into a self-demeaning joke that Rich Chambers most definitely thrives from. Swinging guitars transport the track to a 50’s diner scene of youthful heartbreak, and one can imagine Chambers being the unlucky in-love protagonist in this scenario.

He has the expertise in using his hardship as the butt of his jokes and creating hilariously good songs in the process. He continues to not take himself seriously, which makes his tracks extremely easy to listen to and most importantly, so enjoyable. Despite this lack of seriousness for himself, his passion for the music he makes is obvious, and this passion evidently stems from his love for the rock’n’roll genre. This modern take on an overused genre is completely refreshing and is an exciting insight into what the future holds for not just Chambers, but for rock’n’roll.

Rich Chambers’ new single ‘You’re a Nice Guy But…’ is a great look into the past and present of music, through the use of humorous anecdotes mixed with the polished guitar-driven soundtrack, he has created a genius new track.

Recommended! Watch the official video for the record:


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