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Xafran Takes Listeners Back To The ’80s With Synthy New EP ‘Find a Way’

Swirling synths and an atmospheric soundtrack set the tone for Xafran’s new EP ‘Find A Way’. The opening track named after the EP primarily focuses on Xafran’s skills in production, with an auto-tuned voice and well-thought-out soundtrack being at the forefront of this track.

‘Feeling Cold About It’ allows listeners a visit to Xafran’s emotional inspirations, with the first introduction to his more natural voice and shifting the tone of the EP into a more personal light. Previously released single ‘Running Out Of Daylight’ abandons all previously mentioned emotions, resorting back to the more production side of music.

A revisit to an auto-tuned vocal range transports listeners back to the opening track, one can assume that the motive of the EP was to showcase his talents while also bringing listeners through the different ages. The new EP is also a brilliant example of Xafran’s personal development as a musician, giving his account of living through a whirlwind of musical incarnations, making him all the more interesting to listen to. Final track ‘Retro Eyes’ features rock vocals from Lukky Sparxx and is a throwback 80’s track that tells a story of love diving in and out of the past.

‘Find A Way’ is a quirky debut release that centres around the excitement of modern music, while also showing an appreciation of the past. Xafran has debuted his flair, and given listeners food for thought with his own unique take on synth music.

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