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r.mason Get Dreamy and Pensive on ‘European Swimsuit’

‘European Swimsuit’ is the deliciously dreamy and atmospheric new single from r.mason, the musical project of Canadian singer/songwriter Rebecca Mason and her band. Released just a few days ago, it’s the first we’ve heard from Mason since the release of her debut EP last year, but the long wait has borne seriously fruitful results! A lush, laidback, and inviting soundscape meets the textured and tranquil vocals of the artist, transporting the listener to a warm and summery beach on the coastal city of Antibes in France.

Visiting the city straight after a cultural terrorist attack at its airport, Rebecca was instantly overwhelmed by the bravery of the people in the face of terror. “The beautiful people on the beach were wearing these tiny bathing suits and some were only half-dressed. The open confidence, bravery, sexuality, and freedom was so apparent,” she recounts. 

A lesson in letting oneself live freely and openly, and standing up for what they truly believe in, ‘European Swimsuit’ is a powerful and moving anthem wrapped up in a meditative and pensive ambience. It’s an absolutely beautiful tune from an immensely talented musician and group, and they’ve promised another single in the very near future. I can’t wait!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘European Swimsuit’ on Spotify now:


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