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Casey Wells Releases His Wonderfully Eclectic Debut Album ‘Impermanence’

It’s a rarity for me to immediately fall in love with an album; usually, it takes a couple of listens or even some time away from it before I eventually return to appreciate it. This was absolutely not the case with ‘Impermanence’, the debut album from South Carolina-based singer/songwriter and producer Casey Wells. Inspired by an incredibly diverse range of genres, from indie-pop to electronica and folk, Wells pushes the musical envelope with his impressive amalgamation of sounds. The result is a record that is truly innovative and original and, in my humble opinion, will see Casey making some serious waves in the scene!

‘Keep It Coming’ is the album’s opener, and we’re instantly thrown into the artist’s mellow and almost Tame Impala-esque soundscape. Featuring distorted viola samples and Wells’ airy vocals, it’s a tune that sets the scene perfectly. ‘Archives’ then follows, a one-minute piece of music that’s sonically unexpected but deeply engaging all the same. ‘Over’ highlights Casey’s effortless ability to produce a cracking ballad, and draws you further into the musician’s world. 

With seven more tracks awaiting your discovery, I can’t help but feel a touch envious that you’re about to experience them for the first time! ‘Impermanence’ is an absolute winner from start to finish, and I can’t wait to hear what Casey offers up next!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Impermanence’ on Spotify now:


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