R. Jhaé Shares Soulful Rework of ‘Sweater Weather’

There’s a certain magic in observing a talented artist reworking known material, only to decline it in unexpected ways and with personal flair. That’s when you realise how much personality is crucial in the creative process, and how unique every artist is. For instance, take R. Jhaé, singer and producer from Houston, US. Influenced by the likes of Timbaland, Illenium and Alicia Keys, he’s always had a certain soulful and sleazy character, often emerging into dynamic and refreshing beats and epic vocals.  

Naturally, R. Jhaé decided it was time to draft a remix of his favourite track, ‘Sweater Weather’ by The Neighbourhood. A smash hit in 2013, the song gets a makeover in 2023, courtesy of our hero Jhaé. In it, the listener will find a refreshing take on the record, stripped of all his guitar embellishments and treated to a modern production, featuring hip-hop grooves, dreamy harmonies and Jhaé’s saturated and evocative vocals. 

An authentic bedroom-pop effort, the release showcases the American talent’s musical skills, convincing us that when there are ideas and commitment, equipment doesn’t matter that music at all. 

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