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Linda Sussman Unveils Soulful Trio Effort ‘Don’t Let It Rain’

Resembling a well-kept-secret, Linda Sussman is an absolute gem of a songwriter, hidden away in the smokey streets of Long Island, NY. She recently came to our attention thanks to ‘Don’t Let It Rain’, a gentle, poignant and soulful acoustic gem which greatly showcases Sussman’s evocative and dreamy vocals and her ethereal melodies. There’s something unique in Sussman’s tone: a certain sense of majestic grandeur, a cinematic force that makes her stand out in an over-crowded musical landscape. 

Channelling wistful thinking and stirring vibes, ‘Don’t Let It Rain’ features Linda Sussman on vocals and acoustic fingerstyle guitar, Mike Nugent on electric guitar, and Kevin Kelly on fretless bass. A simple lineup, yet a sonic alchemy that works perfectly. Lyrically, the song focuses on a parent’s longing for a son or daughter to return home, after being estranged for many years, and the hope of a reunion. 

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