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Punk Energy and Pop Attitude in Friends Don’t Lie’s Debut EP

Describing their sound as ‘Finest Pop. Modern Punk’, Frankfurt-based rock outfit Friends Don’t Lie’ tell us something very crucial: that their material is relatable and friendly, yet punchy and gritty. While the group is obviously a punk band, they also park their references in pop music and aim to write for a pop audience. In other words, catchy melodies over bubbly tracks. Debuting only last year, the band was instantly successful in attracting attention, reaching a fair number of streams on their Spotify releases (for instance ‘Secret Place’).

It is not hard to see why the records were positively received. Friends Don’t Lie know how to write a tune, but they also know how to play it. Displaying stunning musicianship and hypnotising vocals, the German talents have full control over their careers. 

This week, the band returns with their first EP to date, ‘Year Zero.’. In it, the listener will unveil a plethora of new gems, next to past singles ‘Love & Solidarity’, ‘Friends Don’t Lie’ and ‘Right There’. The closing number ‘Find Yourself (In My Head) is perhaps the record’s most surprising and heart-wrenching effort, combining a beautiful mellow introduction to a full-on Blink-182 style ending. Honestly, these guys have so much potential! 

Friends Don’t Lie are a project we’ll all have to reckon with, sooner or later. Better get to know them now. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Year Zero.’ on Spotify:


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