Axe & the Ivory Gears Up for Upcoming Folk Gem ‘Find It’

Often, music is a collective effort. The joy of getting together, picking up instruments, and exploring common passions, connections and tastes. Art can make or break relationships, and in the case of Australian indie-folk outfit Axe & the Ivory, it was the former: these talented four friends couldn’t be more united. 

A friendship that spans a decade, and a project that’s been growing over the years. Emerging from Adelaide, the group has been active since 2015, steadily growing while appearing on a vast array of festivals and big stages. After a series of smaller releases, Axe & the Ivory are gearing up for what it’s going to be their first official record, the poignant, heartwrenching gem ‘Find It’. 

There are many things we could say about the track, but the most important and relevant is the chorus the group manage to build upon. A glorious, emotional and anthemic slice of folk goodness, it greatly showcases Axe & the Ivory’s songwriting force, while providing the perfect hook for their future arena shows (manifesting…). It truly is just really good. Introduced by a mellow and solemn piano, ‘Find It’ is soon gifted with lead singer Rosie Roberts’ incredible vocals, evocative and controlled, yet able to roam freely over a thousand melodies. It’s not long before we are able to enjoy the bands’ collective harmonies. Ben Lovell, James Lovell and Paul Cooper complete a magnificent line-up, capable of driving dark tones and bright resolutions. 

‘Find It’ arrives on the 18th of November, in your favourite digital store. A piece of advice from us, don’t miss it. 

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