psykhi Shares Magnetising and Anthemic Gem ‘Dry’

Upon approaching ‘Dry’, we didn’t know what to expect. Having just been introduced to Ghanaian post-punk outfit psykhi, we knew something good was ahead. Indeed, it was. ‘Dry’ is a strange yet compelling blend of punk-flavoured rebellion and more conventional anthemic pop-rock. Sonically, the track balances between lo-fi, psych matter and arena-like epicness. Melodies are very relatable and quite cinematic, especially in the powerful chorus, sweeping the listener inside an exciting and poignant musical experience. Lyrically, ‘Dry’ delves into the profound role of creativity in offering an escape from frustration and shadows. 

Born Jeptha Asiamah, psykhi was inspired to adopt his current persona after listening to Tame Impala. This transformation has allowed him to create music that transcends the boundaries of genres and geography. His life experience of moving around geographically has also played a significant role in shaping his music, resulting in the eclectic and nuanced material that celebrates the project as a breaking force in the international scene. 

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