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ProntaCorde Shares Bubbly Disco Instrumental ‘Come And Feel My Music’

If we had to describe ‘Come And Feel My Music’ in a word, we’d use ‘magnetising’. Yep: resembling invisible energy that strongly draws you towards its source, the record is an absolute delight, a glorious triumph of disco euphoria and sampling addiction. Courtesy of ProntaCorde, Mexican sound wizard, the single builds its identity on a charming disco beat, using field recordings of collective societal moments on top of it. Modulating the track as he goes along, the talented upcomer manages to create an artistic recipe that’s simply irresistible, pulling the listeners inside its convoluted and bubbly universe. 

Prontacorde’s offering reminds us of a really effective blend towards disco music and the art of sampling, perhaps channelling all the tradition in the field. What’s certain, is that José Alberto Gallegos – the human behind the project – makes a very compelling case about listening to him. We sure will, thanks for your artistry! 

The listening experience is light and uplifting – we couldn’t get enough. That said, we wouldn’t describe it as a ‘party banger’ or a ‘dance track’; it is more on the arty side of things, with ProntaCorde seeking to make a statement by blending together a plethora of different elements. It’s instrumental music made for a dedicated listening action. 

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