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Kinga Angelys Returns with Bubbly and Positive Anthem ‘Good Things Are Coming’

After a year without any releases, Kinga Angelys finally returns to the international music scene, doing so with a bright and uplifting record, the groovy electronic gem ‘Good Things Are Coming’. Timed perfectly with the upcoming International Day of Happiness 2023, on March 20, the track is an absolute joy to listen to, a bath in motivation and empowerment. Angelys manages to gift the listeners a slice of her smiling and colourful artistry, a precious quality in uncertain and complex times. 

Based in Germany, Angelys showcases powerful and evocative vocals, a fitting match for the bubbly and hopeful sonic material. If you are looking for feel-good pop and a slice of magic, then ‘Good Things Are Coming’ is a musical discovery you should get familiar with. 

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