psykhi Returns with Kaleidoscopic EP ‘Forest People’

We were featuring psykhi on our blog not long ago; it was instantly clear how we were writing about a particularly talented and nuanced artist, the kind of personality that fully commits to exploring the magnitude of his musical eclecticism. Now, the London-based talent returns with a stunning EP, ‘Forest People’. In it, the listener will rejoice in the kaleidoscopic sonic universe so proudly championed by psykhi. 

There’s something for everyone in there, from the retro, punk-inspired shenanigans of ‘Dyed in Wool’ – also taking the role of lead single – to the more emotional and fuzzy bays of ‘Don’t Disappear’, passing through the anthemic and indie-leaning title-track ‘Forest People’. Describing the inspiration behind such relatable and metaphorical lyricism, so common in the EP, psykhi describes: “Forest People’ for me felt like the harnessing of spirit. To find love for oneself and to be able to stand up for what you believe in.”

Marking a new chapter for the Ghanaian artist, the EP is set to take his career to the next level. We’ll be here supporting!

Recommended! Discover ‘Forest People’ on Spotify, and catch ‘Dyed in Wool’ on Youtube:

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