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Holly Blair Gears Up for Upcoming EP with ‘Friday the 13th’

Perfectly fitting the modern pop landscape, Holly Blair continues her glorious artistic journey by sharing ‘Friday the 13th’, a kaleidoscopic gem balanced on guitar-based indie shenanigans, alternative pop euphoria and a veiled but fuzzy rock imprint. There’s something for everyone in it: the quieter lister will relate to Blair’s nostalgic lyricism, drenched in teenage angst and introspective reflection. The dynamic fans, on the other hand, will rejoice in the saturated sonic contour that seems to inform the track so well. 

It’s also a brave change of peace for the L.A.-based newcomer. She’s been constantly shifting from an electronic-pop outfit to an alternative reality, blending pop-rock influences in it (think the likes of Soccer Mommy, among others). A gifted filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist, Holly Blair really hits the mark with ‘Friday the 13th’, signalling she’s ready for bigger stages and larger audiences. 

Delving into the record’s lyricism, Blair explains: “Right before writing it me and Charlotte (a friend) were talking about our respective avoidant tendencies and how that can make love hard. Like we both sort of felt at times we were letting people down by not being what they wanted us to be all the time. Whether it be our families or partners, this idea of being a “good girl” and how that just doesn’t feel authentic to us.”

‘Friday the 13th is out now via label Future Gods, anticipating Blair’s upcoming EP ‘One Step Away Is Too Far’.

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