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Swedish Knightingales Share Americana Gem ‘Never See Her Again’

Often collaboration and ideas don’t exactly flow at the best time – but they evolve and shape up as things get better. Take for instance Americana and Rock duo Swedish Knightingales: forming during the pandemic as an acoustic trio, the pair worked hard to develop a highly poignant style, focusing on relatable storytelling and anthemic vibes. Now, they are a solid reality on their local scene, aiming to spread nationally and internationally. Boasting a full band line-up, the talented duo are proudly presenting their latest effort, the uplifting Americana gem ‘Never See Her Again’, featuring keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian.

Personally, we get a lot of Dave Matthews vibes in the track – which is a plus, in our opinion. ‘Never See Her Again’ really hits the mark, both in terms of songwriting and production. The melodies are catchy, exciting and relatable, while the instrumental is nuanced and hard-hitting, favouring acoustic guitar and punchy drums over heavy distortion. Vocals are absolutely powerful and evocative, with singer Witewolf showcasing all his musicianship. Excellent guitar playing by Sean ‘Yard Dog’ Smith too. 

Lyrically, the track focuses on taking the listeners into the complexities of forbidden attraction and love’s fleeting nature, exploring the delusion and its aftermath. As we listen to its luscious melody and poignant lyrics, we are transported to a world of passion and heartbreak, where the thrill of desire is tempered by the harsh reality of its inevitable demise. Nonetheless, the record ends up being a witty rendition of a potentially heavy theme, thanks to Swedish Knightingales’ bubbly aesthetic. 

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