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Princeton Deals with Painful Loss in ‘Wanna Die’

Sometimes it’s good to stop, take a moment, and realize how we easily forget about the primary role of art and music: personal expression. We at Mesmerized do that sometimes, just because in the whirlwind of new releases it’s easy to lose sight of what a song really stands for. In the case of Princeton, talented rap newcomer from El Paso, US, music takes a crucial role, helping him deal with the painful loss of his beloved mother. ‘Wanna Die’, is exactly that, a fragile yet fierce tale of life after that tremendous loss. Describing how he can now “see people for what they really are”, Princeton explores his shattered universe, trying to collect the pieces and finally move on. 

He does so utilizing modern trap and bouncy hip-hop, in a way contrasting the delicate lyrical theme with a more upbeat and upfront sonic matter. It’s a stark contrast but we believe it works: Princeton is not looking for pure, heart-wrenching poignancy; rather, he’s looking at the world with disillusioned eyes, trying to find joy and motivation to keep going. 

It’s in tough times that we really see the nature of who’s around us. ‘Wanna Die’ wants the listeners to know that, offering potential for resolution. 

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