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MAL Tell Us to Believe in Ourselves with Latest Effort ‘Come To Light’

If we had to describe MAL, we’d probably do it through an introspective stream of consciousness: we’d rather say how they make us feel. This is because the Van Nuys outfit champions a pretty unique artistic outlook, probably one of the most original acts we have heard lately. Sure, they deal in fuzzy guitars and chaotic drums. But the way they use them is quite mesmerising. You see, their formula is as eclectic as they come, borrowing here and there to create their own artistic vision. And so, starting from a strong gunge platform, MAL transforms itself into a dark psych band, passing through noise territories and math rock archaism. 

Following up from previous release ‘Ritual’, a long lo-fi, noisy offering with a transformative aura, MAL now shares their latest offering, ‘Come To Light’. In it, we get a decisively different version of the group. As if they were shifting through their many identities, MAL focuses on more relatable and palatable grunge and alt-rock matter, featuring vocals and a certain popular music flair. 

The record has a strong and meaningful character: it aims to empower the listeners into believing in themselves, providing a helping hand for every ‘misfit’ out there. As MAL describes, “Come To Light’ is a middle finger to judgement, dehumanization, and intolerance.”

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