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Prince of Sweden Shares Newest EP ‘Kicking Out Time’

Imagine learning guitar from the guy from the farm opposite yours. That’s exactly what happened to Prince of Sweden – growing up in the countryside, he’s got the kind of raw, inspired artistry that only rural folks seem to develop. Lucky for us, he didn’t stop there, moving to the city to pursue his career. Championing an accessible and understated brand of indie rock, Prince of Sweden particularly favours his lyricism, often drenched in personal experiences and societal issues, aiming to connect with his listener through charming storytelling and lightly fuzzed electric guitars. 

Crowning a rising career that’s nearing its 3rd Birthday, Prince of Sweden makes a big artistic statement with his latest release, ‘Kicking Out Time’, a stunning four-track EP that sounds like an indie record but feels like much more, perhaps a balanced blend between folk and Americana. It is this eclecticism that greatly informs the project, eventually mediated by the London resident’s powerful vocals, which in our opinion really encapsulate what the project stands for. There’s a strong sense of authority, wisdom and understanding, making it a soothing listening experience for every keen fan out there. 

Throughout ‘Kicking Out Time’, Prince of Sweden’s intricate lyricism takes center stage, weaving tales of love, loss, and self-discovery. His ability to craft vivid and emotive lines is nothing short of remarkable, making it clear that he has poured his heart and soul into the record.

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