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Nai’a Shares Intimate and Vulnerable Gem ‘Newman Beauty’

There’s an inherent fragility in ‘Newman Beauty’, a stunning and heartwrenching vulnerability that brews through the lyrics and through Nai’a’s intimate vocals, reaching the listeners in true emotional fashion. The recording itself is quite raw, unfiltered, built on dark guitar tones and understated vocals. In a way, we feel as if we were in the same room as the Manhattan-based talent, perhaps on the track’s recording session. Honestly, the way Nai’a is able to modulate his vocals is pretty enchanting. From soothing to intense, his tone range is impressive. 

For the keen listener, all the above won’t be surprising. After debuting in 2021, Nai’a consistently released a set of transformative and heart-shaking offerings, navigating his personal experiences and wider societal issues. Describing the concept behind ‘Newman Beauty’, the American talent explains: “Writing Newman Beauty has been the biggest risk I’ve taken as a songwriter. I had to tell my story in the most honest way, with no sugar coating”. The song reflects his fixation on a person he can’t let go of, and the tenderness and pain that come with it. 

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