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Populuxe Returns with Art-Pop Masterpiece ‘Uneasy Listening’

Active since 1995, art-pop outfit Populuxe have made a name for themselves thanks to their signature blend of Pink Floyd, 60’s garage pop, and late 70’s Bowie. A big pot of inspirations and influences, distilled into a personal, charming and soothing style. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the group has released five full-length albums ad one mini-opera EP, and has performed on stages across the country. Now, Populuxe take a step back into the music industry with a wonderful and eclectic album, ‘Uneasy Listening’. 

A 10-track album, the record seeks to represent a post-pandemic reflection on reality, including nostalgia for easier times and challenges for a better future. Co-produced by Aaron Tap, ‘Uneasy Listening’ channels Populuxe’s creative flair, combining melodic ideas with bent time signatures, dense chords, and angular guitars. Frankly, it’s one of the best records we have heard in a while. 

Introduced by ‘Learning the Alphabet’, the album gives us a sense of their full-band charge, thanks to easy yet intricate instrumental matter and melodious pop toplines. It is with ‘American Night’ that Populuxe really flourish. A soothing and mellow ballad, the track builds on acoustic and tame tones, birthing a true masterpiece. ‘Nowhere Left to Go’ explores the same musical theme, standing out from the crowd thanks to ethereal vocals and an ever-changing arrangement. 

Overall, ‘Uneasy Listening’ is an enriching creative journey, one worth taking. Follow Populuxe on Spotify: 


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