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Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions Gear Up for Upcoming Album

This is not just a record, this is a comeback story. It’s a tale of resilience, a lesson on how things can still happen, if you believe in them and work hard towards achieving your goals. Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions know it very well. Sharing their latest single ‘Destiny Road’, the American blues-rock outfit is connecting directly with their past, finding purpose and drive in it. The track is part of their upcoming album, their big comeback into the music scene. 

‘Destiny Road’ was originally intended for release back in 1997, but the band’s personal struggles put the project on hold. After reuniting with a new line-up, the Manic Emotions are now ready to show the world the music they have been working on all these years. Together with‘Fool Outta Me’ and ‘Twisted Minds’, we can get a substantial taste of what’s to come; and we do like it! 

Championing a powerful pop-rock aesthetic, Gary Dranow draws influences from the good-old classics, including Pink Floyd and Ozzy Osbourne. Ultimately though, the group’s signature style is often drenched in nostalgic bluesy tones, as showcased in ‘Destiny Road’. Featuring an eclectic guitar solo, organ action and Dranow’s evocative vocal tone, the track is sure to capture listeners worldwide with its anthemic character. 

Stay tuned for the album release! Discover Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions on Spotify:


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