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Pop Sensation Jeffrey Chan Returns With ‘Over’

Emerging from the buzzing Australian music scene, Jeffrey Chan is the walking example that talent can take you forward and that if the music is good, people will resonate with it. An independent artist, he made his own path towards recognition, building a project that’s now clicking nearly one million combined streams on Spotify alone. His secret? A natural gift for pop melodies and contemporary productions. His musical prowess gets its final coronation with latest release ‘Over’, a synth-wave flavoured number that follows a string of very successful records. Can Chan replicate it? 

We are confident he will. ‘Over’ channels retro synthesisers and a dancy instrumental to provide the perfect backdrop for Jeffrey’s deep and evocative vocals. As always, the chorus is where the money is at; Chan knows it very well, writing an absolute earworm, singing with attitude and charm. Lyrically, we are in Love territory, a matter that will relate greatly to the listeners. About the inspiration for ‘Over’, the Aussie talent explains: “At the core of it, Over is a breakup song but it’s that specific moment when you have finally come to terms with the end of a relationship. I wanted to capture that feeling when you’re looking back at everything that happened, both the good and the bad.”

Overall, a worthy next chapter for Chan, who seems projected to bigger and brighter things. Recommended! 

Watch the official music video for ‘Over’ on Youtube:


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