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Noah Richardson Releases New Album ‘Dead To Me’

How about writing songs in a funeral home basement? I bet you didn’t know someone was doing that. Well, it seems to work though, because Noah Richardson clearly can write a great song. Emerging from Philadephia, the talented singer and songwriter blends accessible melodies and eclectic productions, emanating good vibes and an easy attitude. Debuting last year with ‘lowercase letters’, the American talent has been steadily rising, joining Free Dive Records on a mission to share his artistic output. 

After a string of singles, Richardson returned last week with his debut album, ‘Dead To Me’. A long, 12-track record, in it you’ll find all the elements that make the project the catchy goodness it is. Opening with the title track, we are instantly treated to Noah’s gorgeous, light vocals, often layered together into a choir-like evocative tone. Simple beats, funky bass lines and minimal arrangements soon become a staple of the album, working perfectly against the Philly singer’s malleable voice. 

Going ahead, the album presents old singles and new gems; ‘Ricochet (Hey Man!)’ offers a glimpse into new materials, opening up the production towards a more poppy direction, swapping bass riffs for acoustic guitars. ‘Calm Down’ follows suit, expanding the record’s scope of action. Lyrically, we are treated to a tongue-in-cheek journey into Noah’s personal world, from love troubles to wider experiences. Are you jumping on board?

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