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Polyvoda Return with Bold and Hypnotic New Single ‘Homeless’

Formed in Kyiv in 2022, Polyvoda is a three-piece genre-fluid act consisting of Kirill Chikhradze, Denis Levchenko, and most recently Mikhail Birchenko. What’s interesting about the band is that each of their songs features a different female vocalist, though nobody has been able to work out who any of them are just yet. Last month, the act gifted us a tune called ‘Bonfire‘, and Gabriel and I quickly fell in love with the eclectic trip-hop piece. Today, however, I’d like to shine a light on ‘Homeless’, Polyvoda’s intense and hypnotic new single.

It’s a quiet and somewhat minimalist start to proceedings before soulful, almost spoken-word vocals are introduced. Then the layering gets underway. Rich and textured, ‘Homeless’ swiftly turns into a stormy and dramatic piece of deeply entrancing music that is simply inescapable. “The harmony spirals like Fibonacci’s sequence, winding its magical turns,” says Levchenko. “Emotional and sensual, like the universe in the flower of an autumn aster”.

‘Homeless’ adds another genre and style to Polyvoda’s ever-expanding repertoire, as the band seek to go where the music takes them and not focus on pleasing the masses. For us, that’s really what it’s all about! It also certainly played a big part in why we’ve fallen head over heels for the act’s audacious and boundary-pushing sound! Here’s to many more!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Homeless’ on Spotify now:


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