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Damascus Steel Unleash Fiery and Powerful Debut Album ‘War’

Damascus Steel is the progressive metal project of two incredibly gifted musicians. Made up of Sameer Hilal and renowned guitarist and producer Gabriel Cyr, the pair have actually never met in person and choose to collaborate over Skype. What a world! With Sameer residing in California and Gabriel living in Quebec, what quickly becomes crystal clear is that the thousands of miles between them are no match for the musical chemistry these two share. 

A week ago, the duo unleashed their debut album ‘War’, a six-track epic filled with face-melting guitars and melodic solos that bring to mind the likes of John Petrucci and Michael Romeo. There’s also some pretty intense drum work going on. Hilal’s vocals are the perfect match for the soundscape that you are soon enveloped in – an exceptional blend of Dio’s commanding presence intertwined with the theatrical brilliance of Freddie Mercury.

‘Prelude’ does as the name suggests…it prepares you (as best it can) for what you are about to experience. ‘War Chapter I: Tyrant’ then makes its introduction. Heavy, gritty, and uncompromising, it’s six and a half minutes of pure sonic excellence. ‘Chapter II: Brotherhood’ follows in a similarly forceful and unrelenting fashion, and the listener is now fully immersed in Damascus Steel’s world of relentless metal craftsmanship.

Three more blinding tunes still await you, each with a story and a life of its own. What are you waiting for? 

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘War’ on Spotify now:


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