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Podge Lane Shares New Album ‘Common Country Misconceptions’

The keen reader will be already familiar with Podge Lane: the Cork-based creative has been a permanent fixture on our blog for the past couple of months. His bucolic yet uplifting folk style finds fertile ground in our music taste, we love a good storytelling action. And when it comes to storytelling, Podge Lane is a confirmed master, drawing inspiration from personal experience and delving deep into human consciousness. We previously wrote about him: “a fragile, evocative gem that we can only praise, given the magnitude of its relatability and nostalgia”. 

You might have noticed the steady stream of releases Podge Lane got us used to: it wasn’t all for nothing. Earlier this month, the talented newcomer unveiled his second album to date, ‘Common Country Misconceptions’, a stunning record where he collects 10 stunning tunes that speak to the human heart. The concept behind them is rather simple: is a happy, quiet life really that easy? How can we keep it that way? The lyrical theme is a direct consequence of Podge Lane’s previous full-length effort, ‘Outer Monologues’, which focused on the depiction of struggling times in its author’s life. 

‘Common Country Misconceptions’ is what we never get to see in any happy-ending story: the difficulties of keeping things up and making it work. In that sense, Podge Lane showcases his songwriting wisdom, delivering songs that will connect with the listeners instantly. After all, were we all ever happy? 

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