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Electric High Returns with Fierce Rock Banger ‘Seven Wonders’

Keen on your daily dose of fierce rock’n’roll? Say no more! Mesmerized has found exactly what you need. Emerging from Norway, Electric High are one of the latest addition to the global panorama of nostalgic rock. You see, although you might argue that guitars are taking second place in today’s music landscape, there are still quite a few rock heroes around, people so devoted to the genre to defy expectations and current trends, focusing on delivering raw, unfiltered energetic tunes. Electric High are exactly that, a welcome reminder that rock isn’t dead, after all. 

We discovered them not long ago, thanks to the band’s previous single ‘Cyclone’, declared by us as “an exuberant and intoxicating high-octane banger”. Latest effort ‘Seven Wonders’ pursues the same sonic direction, although with a slightly lower pace and more anthemic and luscious drums. The track ends up being a slow-burn gem, exploding in the chorus with a highly infectious rhythmic pattern. The group’s lead vocalists work perfectly together. 

Lyrically, ‘Seven Wonders’ seeks to warn listeners about taking on more than you can muster: it is easy to promise stuff, but way harder to actually deliver them. Quite a relatable and familiar theme, we all found ourselves in a situation like that at some point in our lives. That said – Electric High still manage to provide exactly what they said they would: empowering rock stamina. 

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