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Plastic Barricades Unveil Kaleidoscopic Single ‘Second-hand Dreams’

Emerging from London, Plastic Barricades return with a track that feels dreamy and universal, while delving into lyrical territories that are heavier than one might think. Built on a bed of sleazy indie pop and a tapestry of bright textures, ‘Second-hand Dreams’ is a slice of goodness, a feathery touch of artistic redemption. Crowning it all, Dan Kert’s relatable and soothing vocals, guiding the listener with charisma and poignancy into a record that punches above its weight. 

Lyrically, Plastic Barricades offers a universal call to action, seeking to empower listeners towards self-realization and towards taking chances – once in a while. As he explains: “We are always on the cusp of a better life, but never quite there. Overwhelmed and overworked, we are drowning in an endless ocean of distractions and superficial communication, trying to impress people we don’t actually like.”

Anticipating the project’s upcoming album, ‘We Stayed Indoos’, expected later this year, ‘Second-hand Dreams’ also boasts a unique music video, produced by Elina Pasok using the latest developments in AI-assisted text-to-video algorithms. 

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