Litvar Shares Glorious Album ‘Eloquently Aimless’

We have been covering Litvar quite extensively in the past years, watching them grow from newcomers to a solid reality of the scene. The American band has everything you’d ever want to find in a rock outfit: eclectic stylings, balanced between indie and more gritty material, and nuanced and meaningful lyricism, connecting with the listeners on a deeper level. Furthermore, they carry a rather friendly outlook, delivering bangers with pop flair, potentially appealing to a wider audience. 

‘Eloquently Aimless’ is Litvar’s latest masterpiece, an album that sees them blooming into a fully-fledged international act (as evidenced by their recent UK tour). Collecting old singles and new material, the record showcases the group’s best qualities, aka their songwriting prowess and the ability to create memorable and at times poignant pieces. 

Litvar are meant to be big – be a real one and support them from the early days! 

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