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Norrisette Returns with Leftfield Double Single ‘Imaginary Situations’

Norrisette continues to surprise us. You see, the British creative possesses the enviable quality of adapting perfectly to diverse artistic settings. Be the noisy and leftfield electronica proudly championed in her previous EP ‘Wild Party’, or the soothing, folk-flavoured material delivered in latest single ‘Imaginary Situations’. Whichever way you look at it, one thing is clear, Norrisette is a sonic explorer, a gifted musical being committed to research her art in the most comprehensive way possible. 

And so, with this in mind, let’s dive into ‘Imaginary Situations’. Even here, we find two faces of the same coin, with the record containing two tracks. ‘Blue’ is the more approachable, with delicate, fragile and bright vocals stacked against mellow arpeggiated keys, very minimal and controlled. Title track ‘Imaginary Situations’ goes against the current, delving into experimental electronica with a rather pointillistic aesthetic. Here, Norrisette is exploring the depth and weight of each sound, letting the listener taste every single texture, with a show of force that would make Curtis Roads extremely proud. 

Commenting on the record, Norrisette explains: “Blue’ is a love song, partly to the earth; ‘Imaginary Situations’ is a dreamlike mixdown of loads of my electronic tracks”. 

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