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Pino Farina Band Releases 2004’s Album ‘Prepare to Qualify’

This is quite an unusual move, but we cherish what Pino Farina Band are trying to achieve. You see, the American outfit is re-releasing an album they had originally published in 2004. ‘Prepare to Qualify’ is a time machine, essentially, taking the listener on a journey to early millennia soft rock and indie stylings. Surprisingly, the record doesn’t feel old, sonically speaking, a sign that the group was a forward-thinking force, standing the test of time. 

Formerly known as Pünsapaya, Pino Farina Band is releasing the very same record that won Rock Album of the Year at the Chicago Music Awards back then. Singer and guitarist Pino Farina does a good job of leading the band towards a highly-personal lyrical journey, blending cross-genre elements into a charming and evocative package. 

A great record, and an interesting move from Pino Farina Band. Recommended! 

Discover ‘Prepare to Qualify’ on Spotify: 


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