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Junodef Gear Up for Upcoming Album with Anthemic Jewel ‘Anemone’

We were writing about Junodef merely a month ago, celebrating the release of ‘She Wants To Win’, a fantastic single described by us as “a thrilling, haunting and chilling slice of indietronica”. Naturally, the London-based trio has been bubbling with productivity and lyrical inspiration, championing an impressive catalogue that’s steadily growing. ‘Anemone’ is the project’s latest effort, a record that shuffles the cards a fair bit when it comes to the band’s musical references. 

Leaving punchy and electronic elements behind, the track navigates a different sonic universe. Don’t get us wrong, Junodef’s dark and haunting character is still there. Rather, ‘Anemone’ feels more fragile and dramatic, perhaps introspective. The sonic paste changes too, with a more contained sound, anthemic and choral vocals, and a general sense of poignancy. 

The single anticipates Junodef’s debut album, ‘Castastrophical’, out on Physical Education Recordings on 16 June. Describing the lyricism behind ‘Anemone’, Junodef explains: “These particular lyrics (unsurprisingly) grew into a song about sapphic desire and obsessive longing, accompanied by the overwhelming fear and anxiety born out of the good ol’ internalised homophobia. You could say it’s a song about lesbian nuns, but I also think it can be applied to a lot more, and be relatable for quite a few people. It’s a pretty universal subject after all.”

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