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Mardi Tickle Affirms Her Fierceness in ‘I Don’t Need a Guitar’

Do you know what’s really innovative? Being a rock star and not playing guitar. Is it even rock’n’roll if there’s no guitar involved? Hot debate. What we can tell you is that, in the case of Mardi Tickle, her unapologetic and fierce spirit is enough for her to be a stunning rockstar. A rockstar in the wider sense of the term: a breaking, charismatic force that mesmerises audiences at every gig. Hailing from Finland, Tickle enforces a pretty kaleidoscopic approach to her artistry, blending rock stylings, pop lyricism and soul energy into an irresistible package. 

Take for instance ‘I Don’t Need a Guitar’, the project’s latest effort. In it, Mardi develops a fast-paced, groovy and eclectic sonic journey, built over synth-powered keyboards, classic pianos and a hypnotising drum beat. Tickle’s vocals really tie the track together, being so powerful and evocative, with a round tone that really hits the listeners. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, the Finnish talent explains: “Whenever I’m at a gig, I get asked where my guitar or guitarist is. Then I’ll just say that I play rock without a guitar! Frustrated with the questions, I decided to make a song about what it’s like to be a free-spirited, keyboard-playing rock star.” Look out for upcoming singles arriving later this year. 

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