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Pihka Is My Name Delve into Pop Stardom with ‘Reaching for The Out of Range’

Through a carefully released discography, Pihka Is My Name set expectations rather high. The Finnish duo is no stranger to mesmerising electronic offerings, often creating anthemic and sparse sonic trips that feel ethereal and limitless. After a rather productive 2022, the pair is now back with a newly-found outlook: blending their signature dazzling soundscapes with more conventional pop lyricism, Pihka Is My Name unlock a potentially winning formula, the kind of musical recipe that can make or break an artist. 

‘Reaching for The Out of Range’ is perfect evidence of that. Their latest record, the track is fierce and unapologetic, blending leftfield synthesisers with EDM tropes and punchy drums. The results are staggering: an uplifting and epic track showcasing the full magnitude of the duo’s vocals, so evocative and dynamic. A majestic production greatly augmented by its vocal value. A sea of harmonies, long reverbs and layers helps the track reach pop stardom, or at least a strong candidacy. 

Lyrically, ‘Reaching for The Out of Range’ focuses on not being afraid to start over, recognizing the need for change, and gathering the courage to shake things up. It is a message that is not only relevant to the world of music but to all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you’ve put into something; it’s never too late to start over if necessary.

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