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Chris Caulfield Reflects on Relationships in ‘Porchlight’

In a world fraught with uncertainty and turmoil, the need for connection and belonging has never been more paramount. It is this very notion that Canadian artist Chris Caulfield sets out to explore in his latest release, ‘Porchlight’. A poignant ode to the enduring power of love and its ability to transcend even the toughest of times, Caulfield’s lyrics resonate with a raw honesty that is both visceral and deeply moving.

Built on a charming pop-trap production, the record is one of the best offerings to date by the Torontonian, also showcasing the introspective and evocative nature of his vocals, capable of creating an emotional contour to an already meaningful piece. Notably, there’s a whiff of emo character, especially thanks to the ‘screamy’ nature of Caulfield’s vocals, making them all the more special and hard-hitting. 

Echoing the idea of ‘porchlight’ – a place where people wait for others to come home – the song is a powerful metaphor that speaks to the universal human experience of longing and the desire for connection. Inspired by Caulfield’s personal experience, ‘Porchlight’ recalls a delicate time in his marital relationship, with the pair eventually managing to push through the crisis. The track serves “as an ‘alternate ending’, if we did drift apart, knowing we’re meant for each other, and knowing that she knows that too – or as a “prequel” before getting back together years ago” – Chris explains. An inspiring anthem.

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